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The “Fresh Grief” archetype can also be known as the “Turbulent Arrival.”

Jennifer August 13, 2023

In the wake of loss, when the wound is raw and the pain feels insurmountable, you find yourself amidst ‘Fresh Grief,’ a tempest of emotions that hits with a force beyond words. Often, they say you feel shock, denial. Most often people gather around to help and as the griever you feel like you are going through the motions, doing what you have to do. Unless you’ve been hit before by grief you may not realize that the hard part has only just begun. It is important to note, we can have multiple things in life that put us in fresh grief. Divorce, sudden loss of a loved one, trauma even motherhood. The word here is change or life-altering change. This is the stage of the ‘Turbulent Arrival,’ where your heartache is loud, your tears are raw, and the memories are achingly vivid.

Dear Griever

The world may not yet understand the depth of your pain, but here, you’re heard and acknowledged. Let’s navigate this tumultuous sea together, providing you a sanctuary to share, to grieve, and to find solace in the midst of this storm.