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Terms of Use- Understanding Your Resale License

Last updated: January 01, 2024, 11:01 PM [Download A PDF Copy Here]

Terms of Use for The Holistic Wellness Vault:

  1. What You Can Do: You’re free to make the most of the templates within The Holistic Wellness Vault! Consider it your Creative Art Studio. You can sell, share, give them as gifts, or use them in your practice or organization. It’s like having a versatile toolkit at your disposal. But here’s the scoop: these templates aren’t meant for sale on platforms like Etsy, Amazon, or POD stores such as Shopify. (Think of this as selling to your Clients or using these for your Clients)

  2. Ideal Terms of Use: We’re all about making life easier for organizations like hospitals, non-profits, and psychiatric units, as well as therapists, mental health advocates, wellness coaches, and counselors. If you’ve given these templates your own unique touch, selling them on your professional website is a green light. They’re also perfect companions for your courses, coaching offers, or private practice.
  3. What You Can’t Do: Here’s the deal: please avoid creating your own store loaded up with all these templates because that’s a bit like copying my color palette and starting your own art studio, right? This allows us to keep the value of our membership intact.

Terms of Use for The VIP Treasure Chest:

  1. What You Can Do: In The Treasure Chest, you’ll discover my special creations just for you – think unique covers, branded social media items, postcards, monograms, and bookmarks. They’re like the glittery bow on a present, meant to make your creations pop and shine even more!

  2. What You Can’t Do: But here’s the twist: please don’t try to sell these special items “as is” because they’re like your secret ingredient, the cherry on top. Instead, use them to make your stuff uniquely awesome. 

The Treasure Chest is your secret stash of special tools, your ‘Sellers Resources.’ I’ve lovingly crafted these templates to match the vibrant colors in our membership. You can use these tools to give your products that extra dash of uniqueness, but remember, they’re just for you – don’t go selling them to others because they’re our secret ingredients that make our stuff stand out.

What Happens When I Cancel My Account? 

When you decide to cancel your membership, here’s what you can expect based on our terms and conditions:

  1. Full Refund within 7 Days: If you cancel your membership within the first 7 days and have not downloaded any templates, you are eligible for a full refund.

  2. Template Access After Cancellation: Upon cancellation, you have two options for accessing and using our professional use templates:

    • You can purchase individual professional use templates directly from our website, with prices ranging from $27 to $97 per item, allowing you to use them indefinitely. If you cancel your membership and have not 1. Paid for an annual license 2. Paid for the Professional Use License for the item(s) you have downloaded you will be liable to pay for those items. 
    • Alternatively, you can opt for our Annual Buy-Out License, available at a fixed price of $397, and gain exclusive access to every template housed within the Wellness Template Vault at the time of your purchase. It’s your passport to unlimited utilization without worrying about additional charges. Please note that while this license encompasses the existing templates, it does not cover subsequent monthly additions, updates or bonus releases.
  3. Proof of Approval Required: To use a template with a professional use license for any item, you must hold a certificate of approval for that specific item.

  4. Access to New Items: If you cancel your membership without purchasing an annual license, you cannot access newly added templates or the members area.

  5. Pricing Upon Return: If you decide to cancel and later return, please note that you are not guaranteed the current price at the time of your return. Prices may have changed, and you will be subject to the pricing in effect at that time.

We aim to provide flexibility and options for our members, and we appreciate your understanding of these terms. If you have any further questions or need assistance with the cancellation process or purchasing licenses, our support team is here to assist you. Your satisfaction and access to the resources you need are our top priorities.

Remember: These rules are here to ensure everyone enjoys the special things in our membership. Let’s keep it kind and creative!

Changes to Terms of Service: We reserve the right to change these Terms of Service at any time.

Questions: If you have any questions about our Terms of Use, please reach out to Shades of Solace at