Medical Binder/Trackers (30 pages)


Simplify your mental wellness journey with our ‘Mental Wellness Trackers’ set. With 30 trackers, you can easily monitor everything from your mood and medication to your personal health history and insurance details. Perfect for individuals, caregivers, hospitals, and therapists.

This collection of 30 minimalist trackers has been meticulously designed to empower individuals, caregivers, hospitals, and therapists in monitoring and maintaining holistic mental health.



Each tracker in the set is a practical tool for keeping essential information at your fingertips. From tracking your daily mood and medication adherence to maintaining a detailed health history and insurance records, these trackers are versatile and user-friendly.

For individuals, these trackers offer a simple and efficient way to monitor their mental wellness journey, ensuring that important data is readily available for personal reflection and discussion with healthcare providers.

Caregivers will find these trackers invaluable for keeping track of their loved one’s mental wellness, helping them provide the best possible support and care.

Hospitals and therapists can incorporate these trackers into their practice to enhance patient care and streamline the collection of essential information. From initial assessments to ongoing treatment, these trackers simplify data collection and ensure a comprehensive understanding of patients’ mental wellness.

With a minimalist design, these trackers are easy to print and use, making them accessible to all. Whether you’re an individual seeking to track your progress, a caregiver looking to provide support, or a healthcare professional aiming to improve patient care, our ‘Mental Wellness Trackers’ set is your essential companion on the path to well-being.”

* For personal use, enjoy these wellness worksheets at your own pace and feel free to share them with loved ones as tools for self-improvement and reflection. These pages are perfect for fostering a sense of tranquility and personal growth.

For professional use, explore our licensing options or membership plans to integrate these valuable wellness resources into your programs, whether for employees, clients, or therapeutic settings. Enhance well-being programs and coaching sessions with the thought-provoking content of Shades of Solace.

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