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Embrace empowerment as we unite against isolation and doubt. In this nurturing and life-changing journal, we offer guided tools designed to make transformative shifts day by day on your path of recovery. With audio messages, a 100-page workbook, affirmations, self-care resources, the Relapse Toolkit, and a guide to Navigating Change, you are fully equipped to embark on your journey of healing and transformation.

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Serenity Within


Navigate the challenges of addiction with the unwavering support of a trusted Addiction Companion, Brian Wall, who has walked a similar path of grief and addiction.

WHEN JOINING OUR $7/Month Mini-Membership

Serenity Within Comes with a set Heartfelt, Strategic Audios from Coach Brian,
it's like having your favorite coach on speed dial in your back pocket!

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Emboldening Relationships through Self-Care

Transformation Triggers Worksheets

Relapse Toolkit- Practical Steps

Nurturing Self-Care on the Road to Recovery

Resurgence Reflections- Deep Dive Journal

Affirmations of Renewed Freedom

Revolutionary Transitions: Embracing Change

Navigating Relationships on the Path to Healing

Empowered Recovery Blueprint

Community Connection: The Heartbeat of Healing and Growth

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Pay $14.99 Once

Navigate the challenges of addiction with unwavering support from Brian Wall, a trusted Addiction Companion who understands the journey of grief and addiction firsthand. 

Plus, with Stepping Stones, you’ll get additional guidance, support, and motivation from Jennifer Tracy and an All-Access pass to the entire Guided Journal Vault, including Serenity’s Reflections and more.

Join our Mini Membership Stepping Stones and embrace a path of healing, empowerment, and lasting transformation.

Embrace your journey of healing and self-discovery with our powerful Addiction Companion Journal & Planner. Experience the transformative 100-page journal, complete with a set of affirmations, soothing audio messages, and more.

Take charge of your path to recovery and growth, equipped with the tools to navigate every step with confidence and empowerment.

SINGLE PURCHASE- 7 Day Money Back Guarantee

Discover the future of behavioral health and addiction solutions with Serenity Within.

Hi I'm Jennifer-

In a remarkable journey, Brian has honed 20+ years of clinical expertise, guiding individuals and teams to achieve clinical objectives. A pioneering leader in innovative programs addressing behavioral health and addiction, Brian’s passion lies in crafting holistic solutions for behavioral dysfunctions.

With a compassionate and firm persona, he has helped clients across four countries, prioritizing their needs while exceeding goals. Embracing one-on-one relationships, Brian’s approach creates seamless connections, fostering transformative healing and genuine care.

Join Serenity Within, where Brian’s wealth of experience and genuine compassion combine to empower you on your journey of addiction recovery. 

Christine S
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Regardless of what your issues are, Brian listens carefully and thoughtfully, asking enough questions to provoke some deep reflection and internal awareness. He is extremely supportive, encouraging and definitely your cheer-leader. He provides powerful tools to use, allowing one to discover effective solutions. Brian is readily available, and a deeply caring individual. He has a profound love for people that quickly becomes evident in every conversation.
Dustan D
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Brian has been a phenomenal and integral part of the healing and processing journey I have been on. He has helped me discover what my priorities in life are, forgive my past, and work on healing for the future. Brian does not just sit and listen like many in therapy do. He gives you actual action steps to take on your journey to becoming a better you. He also helps you learn how you are individually wired as an individual to better understand how and why you do the things you do! I cannot recommend Brian enough to anyone who is ready to improve their mental health and find clarity in what your “why” is in life.
Ross M
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I cannot emphasize enough the profound impact Brian has had on my life. I have now surpassed the 200-day milestone of sobriety – a feat I once deemed impossible. To anyone seeking liberation from the chains of addiction, I wholeheartedly recommend Brian. He possesses an ability to meet you at your lowest point, encourage personal growth, and lead you toward a brighter, more fulfilled future."
Daryl J
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I have been in therapy with Brian Wall for the past 6 months. Brian has been a great part of the reason my wife and I were able to repair our marriage of 38 years. His common sense approach to digging in to the past helped me to understand my childhood situations that shaped my poor decisions. Brian is a true professional with the credentials to help anyone in need of therapy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Option 1 (Stepping Stones) is our Mini Membership which includes Brian Wall’s support (private group) as your trusted Addiction Companion, along with an All-Access pass to the entire Guided Journal Vault, which houses Serenity’s Reflections and other valuable resources.  You’ll not only benefit from Brian’s expertise but also from Jennifer Tracy, the Founder and another Grief Warrior, who plays a significant role in Stepping Stones (Mini Membership) at just $7/month.
  • Option 2 offers the powerful 100-page journal complete with affirmations, audio messages, and more, designed for self-guided healing and growth.

With Option 1 (Stepping Stones), you receive guidance and support from Brian Wall, who understands the journey of grief and addiction. He’ll accompany you on your path, offering insights and compassion as you navigate the challenges of addiction. Additionally, Jennifer Tracy, the Founder and another Grief Warrior, will be there to provide additional support and valuable resources in the private members group and membership area.

You’re in luck! Option 1 (Stepping Stones) provides you with the best of both worlds – the transformative journal and unwavering support from Brian. It’s a comprehensive package to empower you on your path to healing and growth, with the additional contributions from Jennifer Tracy at just $7/month.

  • Yes! We welcome therapists and coaches to use our transformative resources with their clients. As long as you have an active subscription to Stepping Stones, you can utilize our materials during your sessions. Simply signup and add the “Professional Use” License to your cart. . For more information and to obtain the license, kindly email us  support@serenityssolace.com. We’re here to support you and your clients on your journey to healing and growth.

Absolutely, you can purchase the stand alone Serenity Within Journal, Affirmations and Audios today. After your purchase if you want to become a member, simply sign up and you’ll be refunded the $14.99 for your purchase. 

Absolutely! Option 1 not only gives you access to Serenity Within and Brian Wall’s full support but also unlocks the entire Stepping Stones Membership & Vault, granting you valuable resources like Serenity’s Reflections, affirmations, private community and much more where Jennifer Tracy, the Founder and another Grief Warrior, contributes to your healing and growth journey.

You can most definitely purchase all the Guided Journals and Affirmations as stand alone products. You don’t have to become a member. 

We’ve got you covered! If you’re looking for personalized and dedicated support, our Serenity’s Coaching Corner offers access to 1:1 Coaching with our experienced coaches. This exclusive corner is designed to provide you with tailored guidance and assistance, ensuring your unique needs are met on your journey to healing and growth. Discover more about our 1:1 Coaching options in Serenity’s Coaching Corner and take your support to the next level.

Money Back Guarantee

Q: Can I get a refund if I'm not satisfied?

A: Yes absolutely! We swear by our training, so much so we offer a 7-Day no-questions-asked money-back-guarantee.